Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Faceblind View: Pan's Labyrinth review

The Faceblind View: Pan's Labyrinth review

From Andrea's movie reviews for Prosopagnosics blog. Will you be able to tell the characters apart?


Anonymous said...

Hello, Pan`s Labyrinth is a movie rich in make up and costumes, wich provided in my case with the basic clues to follow the plot, however, I failed twice with the kid`s mother, so I resorted to my faithful and understanding wife as usual.
It should be mandatory for actors to carry a badge with the name of their character ... (Sorry I was just thinking aloud). It`s just that this point hits too close to home because I am a movie producer and you can imagine what happens when you fail to recognize your leading actor in the set.
Best regards, Arturo

Andrea said...

Arturo, the kid's mother did look a lot like the housekeeper! When I first saw the dark haired woman follow Ofelia towards the labyrinth, I wasn't sure if it was the mother or the housekeeper, but then it became clear later when they walked back to the house. I believe at that point you saw that the mother was still sitting in the wheelchair. Basically, if she doesn't look sick, she's the housekeeper.

Did you click on the link and read my review? I actually had the most trouble with the men characters, but I followed it pretty well on the whole.

Hey, if you're a movie producer, maybe you have the power to implement the nametag rule on your movies! (Just kidding, hee hee!)