Saturday, April 14, 2007

Comic Book Illustration

What I see when I look at you.

What I see in my mind when I look away. Hopefully your clothes, hair, or build are unique enough that I will remember you from them.
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Anonymous said...

Great illustration of prosopagnosia.

Nit picky observation on the placement of labels. First I see "comic book illustration", then I see an illustration of someone with a detailed face. Then I see, what I see when I look at you, and see an illustration of a faceless person. I almost didn't see the caption at the bottom of the 2nd picture, what I see when I try to remember you (something like that). Maybe you could put a space between comic book illustration title and then put the what I see when I look at you caption ABOVE the picture...not everyone scrolls all the way down.

dori said...

I increased space between the Title an the first image. I used to post captions at the top of photos, but then was corrected. It seems newspapers, magazines, most print media standardizes on captions at the bottom of the photo, so I am going to stick to that, but maybe I can use spacing to make it more clear.