Thursday, July 5, 2007

PA Article in Wall Street Journal

Mysteries of the 'Faceblind' Could Illuminate the Brain - PAGE ONE

YES! That's Page One! I went to the WSJ online and there was the print article in the "Page One" section.
Strange Deficit Impairs
Ability to Recognize

July 5, 2007; Page A1

What's New: Research into 'faceblindness' is examining links to brain functions, as well as improved ways to test for the condition.
Coping: Patients say they compensate by recognizing people by their speech, hair or walking gait.
Treatment Possibilities: Exercises used with autistic children are now being tested with prosopagnosia.

This is so exciting for me because the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) is a U.S. based paper that we and many of our friends subscribe to. I find that it is so much easier to tell someone I have PA if they have already heard about it. There is a bit less skepticism and less explaining to do.

I realized this last week when a friend from the dog park casually revealed that he had ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). He said it in passing, expecting not to have to explain it to me, since there has been so much publicity about it in the last 10 years that most people have a good idea of what it is.

I found myself envious of him for having the wider known neurological condition.

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