Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Topographical Agnosia Group

Since many of us with Prosopagnosia also have topographagnosia, ot Topographica Agnosia, or Topographical Agnosia, or Navigational Agnosia, or Topographical Disorientation (let's jsut call it TA, alright?), I decided to start a Yahoo Group where we could discuss are trials and tribulations of living with TA. Feel free to join the group and join the discussion.

It would be nice to create a number of real-life stories there, so people who are looking to diagnose themselves could go there, read, and become more familiar with the condition.

If you would like to subscribe, send an email here:

Please indicate why you are interested in subscribing.
You can find the group under the name Topographical Agnosia.

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