Thursday, May 5, 2011

What's in a human face? on Vimeo

What's in a human face? on Vimeo: Almudena Toral made this slide show of a prosopagnosic New York man. She is the reporter who is working on the story for NY Times video, which this man James Cooke and myself will be in. It is short and very well done.

I like the fact that he explains that he CAN see faces when he is looking at them, something that isn't always understood about prosopagnosics, in part due to the fact that we use the slang term "Faceblind".
I feel that sometimes this does us a disservice as far as describing the condition, since, with rare exception, we can all SEE faces.

I also related to the fact that he no longer really pays attention to faces. Its sad but true that when you clean little information from something, it no longer becomes that important for you to look at, except for the fact that, well, it makes people feel important. I am sometimes made aware that because I am not watching a person's face, they don't think I am listening to them. Its a big thing for humans. On the other hand, I know if I stare at a person's face, I will get little if any valuable recognition information, but i will feel more accountable as far as recognizing them in the future after they see me paying attention to their face. That's not something I relish.

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