Tuesday, June 19, 2012

People I Confuse For One Another

There are many pairs (or sometimes more than two) of people who I confuse with each other. Much of the time, its a similar hairstyle, hairline, or facial hair arrangement. Here is the first installment of People I Can't Tell Apart.  When I see one of them speaking on television with the sound turned down, I have no idea which one it is, and often mistake one for the other.

If Oprah is there, however, I know.

                                               Steadman Graham - partner of Oprah Winfrey

Eric Holder - U.S. Attorney General


qatheworld said...

I wouldn't have known who either of these guys were without the description, but yeah... they're the same to me. In person, if their voices are distinct or they have different sizes, that might help.

Anonymous said...

(It's T.W.Dragon again... :-D)

Wow. I only knew I'd seen one of them before because he's WEARING THE SAME TIE. I saw Part two of people I confuse for one another first. LOL *head-desk*

Anonymous said...

(That Dragon person again- my apologies)

EDIT: "Same STYLE of tie." Derp. I tend to misremember colours as their opposite on the spectrum, dunno why. I'd be terrible as a witness, I'm sure, unless they want FINE detail, like the cut of the suit, or the timbre of their voice or their scent, or something. I feel so dippy right now. Argh. LOL