Saturday, June 16, 2012

Prosopagnosia On 60 Minutes

60 minutes 18 March 2012 [video clip, Two-part segment on prosopagnosia - Part 1]
60 minutes 18 March 2012 [video clip, Two-part segment on prosopagnosia - Part 2]

Above are the links to a recent story about Prosopagnosia that aired in the USA on CBS news program 60 Minutes.

From my perspective, this is what a very informative and realistic representation of Prosopagnosia, and this seemed to be the consensus of the online support group I take part in. One of the subjects of the story belongs to this same support group, and I am so appreciative that she was willing to devote her time and candor to this project.

Please follow the links above to watch both parts. It's worth your time if you are interested in learning more about Prosopagnosia. I can honestly say I would not have changed anything in this story. Well done Leslie Stahl and the 60 Minutes crew.

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Chris08 said...

I CAN recognize everyone in my family, including my spouse.

I have moderate trouble with the faces of my customers and co-workers, particularly if they wear a hat or change their hairstyle.

I have serious trouble telling one actor/actress from another when watching TV shows and movies. Often I think someone is somebody else. I even confused Katherine Heigl for Jennifer Lopez because one time Heigl wore her hair similar to Lopez's.

Does this indicate a degree of face-blindness in me?

dori said...

I would say definitely. The hairstyle thing is a giveaway to me. The skill, as are most, is on a continuum. It's not unusual for people to have degrees of it. It often takes longer to figure it out when it's expressed in a milder form because there is less contrast between you someone with normal ability. You might want to ask family members about there ability as well, since if it is not from a traumatic head injury, it is inherited.

Chris08 said...

Thank you dori! Usually one waits entire presidential terms to pass before
seeing a response on these blogger blogs, lol!

As far as the tv/film/celebrity thing, I have often been told I just need to
pay more attention - or to wear glasses. Both a slap in the face to
me, and indicative of total disregard and ignorance when it comes
to this issue. Their premise is, since I readily recognize my family
and close friends, that nothing is wrong.

dori said...

At the end of the day, you just have to honor yourself, live your own reality, and not worry about the thoughts of others. How you show up in the world will determine how others respond to you. Or at least that's my experience;)

Chris08 said...

You brought up traumatic head injury. I *did* meet the dashboard
and windshield of a '64 Buick at about 25mph when I was
7. Parents back then let their little kids sit, unbelted, in the
front seats of cars. I remember having to have shards of glass
tweezed out of my forehead, and needing stiches. My EEGs
a few months afterwards were negative, at that time. But
I was already in special ed school due to my acting out
due to trauma in the household, uhh long story, spare you
the details, my old man's drunken vomit, my Mom the
local pilot, could make ashtrays fly better than Gen. Chuck
Yaeger, lol!